Occupational Health: Why Is It So Important?

Everyone wants to work in a safe and healthy environment. It is the employer’s responsibility to look after the health and well-being of the staff while they are in the workplace. If the workers health and safety is compromised, it can affect their productivity. And as an employer, it could also have a negative impact in your work schedule.No matter what industry you’re in, you have a responsibility to take care of your workers. This is why working closely with an occupational physician Sydney offers today is important.

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The benefits of occupational health are both for you and your workers, such as the following:

Improves the performance of the staff

A healthy, happy staff is also productive and energetic. If your employees are in their proper health, they can work at their optimum performances. This increases your profitability as well. Additionally, the employees will be more motivated to work knowing that they can call an occupational physician Sydney has today anytime of the day.

Reduces stress in the workplace

Let’s face it, going to the workplace isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The long working hours, pressure from work, conflicts among colleagues, and commute to and from the office can take a toll on the workers. It can negatively affect their physical and mental health. Having an on-call occupational physician Sydney has these days will help them cope with their daily stressors and keep them healthy.

Promotes staff attendance and retention

One of the factors that employees look into when applying for jobs is the health benefits. True enough, it’s a great motivator for the staff, knowing that their employer cares about their well-being in the workplace. It will reflect in their attendance and make them want to stay longer in the company.

Identify reasons for absenteeism

Additionally, having an occupational health physician available at all times will help determine why workers are constantly absent. The physician can identify the factors that are affecting their attendance and see if it’s related to their health and safety.

Prevents illness and disability

Workers who are in the labour and manufacturing industry are especially at risk of contracting illnesses and injuries in the workplace. This is why doctors are always emphasizing that employees should be certified to have fitness for work and know the safety precautions by heart. Thus, occupational health helps prevent injuries and illnesses as a result of the employee’s job.

Compliant to health and safety legislation

There are certain health and safety legislations that protect workers against work hazards. If you fail to comply, it could result in legal problems that can tarnish your reputation. As an employer, it is your duty to maintain the well-being of the employees in the workplace. Availing occupational health benefits ensures that your company is complying to the country’s laws on maintaining your workers’ health.

Choosing a hands-on occupational health doctor is crucial since they will be handling the well-being of your entire staff. Resile has various services depending on the industry you’re in – from pre-employment assessment, health surveillance, and respiratory fit testing. Visit them today at https://resile.com.au for more details.