The Maintenance Checklist All Porsche Owners Need

It’s no surprise that a Porsche service Sydney has nowadays is reliable and trustworthy. However, as a Porsche owner, you shouldn’t depend on service centers alone. You have to do your part to maintain your vehicle to the best of your ability in between check-ups. For new Porsche owners, here is a small checklist for you that can help you maintain your vehicle and keep it running efficiently for a long time.
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Fluid Check
If you want to keep your vehicle running on the road smoothly, you have to regularly check fluids. Before taking your Porsche out of the garage ensure that it has enough of the following:
  • brake fluids
  • Coolants
  • windshield washer fluid
  • power steering fluid
  • hydraulic clutch
  • automatic transmission fluid
If any of these fluids are low, it’s important to refill it to keep your Porsche running smoothly and prevent accidents. If any of the aforementioned fluids seems to run out all the time, you may need the assistance of Porsche service in Sydney to check if your hoses are leaking.
Engine and Radiator Belts
A humming or low rumbling sound when you start the car or step on the accelerator is completely normal. However, if the sound is louder and sounds more like a shriek, it might be a sign of engine belt trouble. Check the belt’s tension and if it’s loose, you may need to send your car over to the nearest Sydney Porsche service to replace your belt. Do the same for your radiator belt and hoses. Ensure that they are free from cracks and holes.
Car Battery
Visually check the entire battery for scratches, corrosion and anything out of the ordinary. Hand tighten the connections to the battery to check for the tightness. If your battery heats easily, it might be at the end of its lifespan and a replacement is needed.
Before pulling away from your garage, check your headlights, dash lights, brake lights, tail lights and turn signals. While some drivers take the risk of driving when one of their lights is broken, but experts warn that it could put you at risk for accidents and get you in trouble with the law as well. The biggest reason why most drivers put off light replacement and repair is that they’re too busy, but the Porsche service Sydney provides can replace lights in minutes.
Windshield Wipers
Turn on your windshield wipers to ensure that it is working properly. Make sure that the wipers come in contact with your windows. If your wipers are not aligned with your windows, it could scratch your windows. Avoid touching the wipers with your hands as oil from the fingers can cause deterioration of the blades. Instead, take your car to one of the many Porsche service Sydney has to realign your wipers.
Check your tires manually to see if the pressure is just right. If you’re confident in your abilities, you can fill any flat tires yourself. Ensure that your tires are free from wear and tear, debris and sharp objects.
With careful maintenance, your Porsche can go a long time without the need for professional help. And for those situations where the problem is beyond your skills, make sure to find Porsche service in Sydney that is reliable, prompt and trustworthy. See more at