What you can expect from a Brisbane Honda dealer near you

Honda recently celebrated its 50th year anniversary since it was established in Australia on the 4th of February 1969. It remains among the top 10 brands in the country. Primarily set up to sell cars, Honda Australia has now grown to include a range of products and services, making your nearest Brisbane Honda car dealership your one-stop shop for anything and everything Honda.

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What to expect from a Brisbane Honda dealer?

Car sales, customer care

Choose from a range of new, demo, and pre-owned Honda vehicles, complete with sound advice on what car best suits your needs and budget.

Different drivers need different types of vehicles, and there’s one Honda that’s right for you.

A Brisbane Honda dealership makes it easy and fast to choose from a range of vehicles within one inventory. Online, you can search for cars by category or type. So, even before you hit the dealership lot, you already have a good idea if you want a hatchback or a sedan, or a Honda with a specific make and model.

Online, you will also find resources to help you make the right decision or keep your car in top shape.

Car servicing

Most Honda dealers combine sales and servicing in one place, providing customers ease and convenience. Should you need a basic car check or a comprehensive one, a Honda Brisbane service is what your vehicle needs.

Servicing can range from vital safety checks to replacement of brake fluid, cabin pollen filters, and other “adaptive items”.

Worried about the servicing cost? Don’t be. Scheduled servicing only happens when a car hits certain milestone, and frequency of work done depends on the conditions of a vehicle.

Moreover, reliable Brisbane Honda dealers, like Austral Honda, provide clients with a Service Price Guide through its Honda Tailored Service Programme. Applicable for vehicles up to 100,000 kms or 5 years.

Financing options

Whether for business or personal needs, good Honda Brisbane dealersoffer financing solutions for anyone interested to own a Honda car or fleet. Consumer loans are available for personal financing, while Chattel Mortgage, Commercial Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, and Novated Lease are offered for business financial options.

Non-business customers can take advantage of balloon payments, fixed payments, and other different loan terms. Consumers can also make additional payments to reduce the terms and interest payable.

Business customers, on the other hand, can purchase vehicles and retain capital at the same time. They can spend their funds on other business needs instead. They could enjoy tax advantages as well.

Like most things a Honda dealer offers, expect professional advice to go with flexible lease and finance products.

Visit Austral Honda

Get your next Honda from this trusted dealership in Brisbane. They offer a range of vehicles, tailored servicing, genuine service and parts, and different financing options. Use the Live Chat on their website to get answers for any queries you might have.

And when it’s information on financing options you need, give them a call on 07 3867 6000 or use the Finance Enquiry form on their website to get a no obligation, competitive quote.